SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

What is SSL Certificate?

Why it is required & How To Get It Done?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is applied on your website’s server to provide communication security by implementing the certificate over the computer network.

What is SSL Certificate?
In simple terms, SSL certification is a way to secure your website communications in an advanced way. There are many reasons why getting SSL certificate is important for your website. No matter whether it’s a blog, business website, e-commerce store or an information portal. SSL certification not only secures you, but also helps you get better ranking in search engine results or SEO results.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of SSL certificate:

  • Makes your communication secure
  • Helps your website get higher position in search results
  • Boosts your visitor’s confidence
  • Adds credibility to your organization
  • Keeps website data secure and protected
  • It shows people that you care about your clients in digital environment as well
  • Your website gets a security seal visible to all the visitors
  • Adds greater safety without making any design related changes
  • Prevents your website against phishing, virus, brute force and cyber attacks
  • Transactions become easier and secure

How to get SSL Certificate?

Getting SSL certificate from a reliable source is essential. Additionally, you should be careful about the person installing the certificate on your web server. Find a trustworthy person to get the installation work done, and if you don’t know anyone, the same can be done by professionals at GlobalInfo Ltd. There you can contact a professional who will not only help you choose the certificate, but will also install it on your server. Implementing SSL certificate requires access to your web server, which means that you will have to hand over the keys, so make sure you get the job done by professionals.

Can I do it myself?
It is possible to install SSL certificate on your own, but since the process involves complex tasks, it is better you let the professionals do it. A single wrong implementation can cost you way higher than the cost of installation by professionals itself. So, it is better you don’t just rely on internet guides, but ask for professional help so that you can get the work done with peace of mind.

Does it help SEO?
Yes, it does. The major search engine Google has confirmed that having SSL certificate on a website helps in ranking well in search engine results. SSL is one of the factors through which Google Algorithms determine the ranking position of websites. So implementing SSL certificate will surely help your SEO efforts.

SSL Certificate slows down a website?
It’s a myth that implementing SSL certificate can slow down a website. Even the leading companies say that SSL certificates do not affect the performance of your website in any way, in fact, they help you build more trust among your customers.

Does it cost a lot?
No. SSL Certificates are not very expensive, and from a place like GlobalInfo Ltd, you can get SSL certificates and installation done at the lowest price possible.