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Why Us?

GlobalInfo consists of a team of passionate professionals striving to deliver mind-blowing results to your business

Digital solutions to take your business to the next level

Established in the year 2006, Globalinfo Ltd is an Auckland based web design company who has been helping businesses to grow for 16 years and counting. We design, build, host and grow websites, launch campaigns, boost social media growth, create content, showcase products; all in the name of inspiring those people that our customers care the most about.

Offering a wide range of essential internet services to businesses, from small to large, start-ups to specialists, we have worked with all. Our experience ranges from working with businesses revolving around skin therapy to restaurants, from education centres to IT repair centres, and so much more. Your opportunities with us are limitless, as our knowledge in this niche is ever-growing.

Our website maintenance services in New Zealand have freed up our clients to focus on their core business. Whether it was a domain name registration or uploading a photo album to their website gallery, we’ve done it quickly and exceeded expectations every single time.

We are an experienced Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency

Having a lot of experience in web metrics, we believe that always measuring your growth accurately is vital for the long-term growth of a business. However, there is always a danger of misinterpreting your success parameters. Being a web design company we prefer using Google Analytics to analyse the results. It gives us the best insights into website traffic behavior and shows us the return on marketing investments.

Globalinfo has an established and esteemed reputation for helping clients by spending their marketing budget wisely. We are proud to be trusted business partners that our clients return to again and again. Want to know more about us? You can read our testimonials.

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Meet the Founder and Managing Director

Syed is a double masters graduate in the fields of Business Management and Computer Applications. He is a Master of Computer Applications (MCA) from Osmania University in India. Later, he completed Master of Business program from Unitec, New Zealand. After arriving in New Zealand from Dubai Syed has worked in the domains of IT Support, Web Development and Digital Marketing for about eighteen years.

Syed enjoys problem-solving and helping businesses. His priority is people and is very committed to his work. Timely delivery of the project is something he can hardly compromise. A considerable number of our clients at GlobalInfo has been with us since our foundation in 2006. Syed is the face of GlobalInfo while other team does their best in their respective areas.

Other than managing GlobalInfo duties, Syed instructs and ownsLion Budokan Karate International, NZ. He is also serving as the president of Karate Budokan NZ.