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Instagram Advertising

Now when you know how critical is Facebook advertising, you must be curious to know about what exactly is Instagram advertising? These social media platforms are ruling the world. Not just millennials but people of all age groups are on these platforms. Instagram is a social media platform where we can share photos and videos, Including live videos. People still are hesitant to do marketing on Instagram because they think it’s not worth it and doesn’t have a massive population like Facebook. But I must say that many cosmetic companies / Restaurants/ celebrities etc. have gain popularity because of marketing on Instagram.

Instagram marketing

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Marketing on Instagram is of utmost importance these days. It is simple to start on Instagram as well. To begin with, All you need is an Instagram account, appealing photograph, a great caption and relevant hashtags so that people can discover your brand. And an Instagram advertiser to do advertising of your brand as per your budget. We advise you to go for this type of marketing because if you are not marketing on Instagram, you are missing a large audience. And if you don’t, your competitors will go for it.

Instagram ads are of 5 Types.You can choose any one or opt for all.

  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Stories ads
  • Collection ads

To gain popularity and reach a broader audience you require Instagram and Facebook marketingContact us now to get more details and choose the Instagram package best suitable for your business.