The 4 key components of success for businesses through the 4 E’s​

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By Mohiuddin Syed

This blog is about the 4 key components of success for businesses through the 4 E’s

There are multiple ways to self-check if you are monetising the potential of internet technology

#1 Establishment

Whether it’s a startup, small to medium business or a large enterprise, having a website is necessary for your existence online Your own domain name is a thousand times better than relying on web builder platforms or social media pages alone This is what I would call establishing on the internet 

#2 Enhancement

Whether you are into selling tangible or intangible products, offering advice and services or visiting your customer premises to troubleshoot and solve their issues. You can ‘sell’ almost everything online

Enhance and offer your customer services online – where they are most comfortable

Upgrade your existing website into an e-commerce platform or with web applications that make your selling process super easy

#3 Extension

You exist, sell your products and services online, but you are not getting any business from your website

Your business is missing out if you are not visible for the relevant keyword searches on Google. If you want to stand out from the competition, then Search Engine Optimisation can help you appear on the first page of Google search SEO can improve your visibility by extending your reach, which in turn get more leads converting into your customers

Resulting in increased revenue of your business

#4 Exponential Growth

Social Media Marketing, Google Ads and Video Ads are what you need to grow your business at a rate that you can handle

Social Media is all about creating that engagement and being there where your potential customer is. It’s not all about spending huge money on advertisements Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube are some of the major platforms you can use to grow your business exponentially.

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