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Lion Budokan Karate International

Lion Budokan Karate International is a Karate Club in Auckland ,New Zealand. It is a very well known karate club running successfully with many branches.



Lion Budokan Karate International, a karate club in Auckland were not happy with design. So, they wanted us to redesign their website with easy to browse navigation. They also wanted to improve the website speed. At the same time, they wanted to improve their website speed, SEO services and digital marketing from us.

Phase 1

Website Design

GlobalInfo designed their website with user-friendly navigation, responsive website which adjust the user experience based on the users’ screen size and orientation.

The new look of Lion Budokan Karate International website is user-friendly and responsive.


lbki before



Phase 2

Local SEO & Social Media Marketing



In the beginning of the campaign ,LBKI was not found in the top SERP’s of google.As there is high demand for the karate sport in New Zealand, the competition to bring this website on top for high volume keywords was not an easy task.



  • To bring the website on top SERP for high volume keywords.
  • To reduce the bounce rate.
  • To increase the page speed.
  • To increase the organic traffic.
  • And also Implementing a perfect schema markup on website.


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17Karate for kids in AucklandNot in top 50#10
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19Karate for everyone in AucklandNot in top 50#1
20Karate courses AucklandNot in top 50#7

We can very clearly see in the graph that there is a gradual change in the sessions from Jan 2019 to Nov 2019.


In the below figure we can see how the bounce rate has been brought under control in the year 2019.


In a year the organic traffic has increased by 60.8% and the overall traffic has increased by 68%.

0 %
Increase in organic traffic
On top Page for 20 Keywords

The below pie chart clearly show that how the marketing strategies has helped business to grow. There is a 79.27% increase in traffic via Organic Search(Search Engine Optimisation) and Social Media Marketing.



We began our efforts in January 2019 with comprehensive SEO research and planning, including a technical audit, keyword research, content strategy, blog writing and link research. Within one month the fruits of our labour began to show up and the client was happy with the successful results we have given them in this one year (from Jan 2019-Nov 2019) .Not only did Google Organic traffic, orders, revenue began to increase, but our main challenge to increase the traffic was also generating impressive results.