Do you have an existing website that needs changes or maintenance?

Website Maintenance

Do you have an existing website that needs changes or maintenance? Don’t have time to keep up with updates to your website? Need general editing and maintenance on your website? Then we’ve got the solution for you.

Our website maintenance & support services can provide you with ongoing, reliable and affordable website solutions, delivered in a timely and professional manner. Our website maintenance packages are flexible, unique, credit-based and based on our 10 years experience. A good number of organizations rely on us to keep their websites online, secure and up to date. We do just that and will never take this responsibility lightly.

Your website is your digital storefront, and for many customers, it’s the first interaction with your business. In order to impress your customers and encourage them to take the desired action, your site requires regular upkeep. We at GlobalInfo, are here to help you with your website maintenance work. Just remember, we are there when you need us.

Website Maintenance Packages


NZD 350 + GST/ year

$10/ credit Valid for 12 months Ideal for 3 SR per month


NZD 630 + GST/ year

$9/ credit Valid till 13 months of purchase on recurring plans Ideal for 6 SR per month


NZD 850 + GST/ year

$8.5/ credit Valid till 15 months of purchase on recurring plans Ideal for 8 SR per month

These website maintenance packages are for our clients who have their website designed and hosted by us or have had purchased website maintenance package at least a week before your first Service Request is received. In case you have a one-off or urgent requirement, you may need to ask for a quote that is based on our hourly rates and not based on credits.

Service Request (SR)

Service request(SR) is defined as the email you sent to our support staff at asking for any of the tasks as listed below. Your Service Requests can cover huge range of tasks that includes:

  • Graphical change
  • Minor layout change (that doesn’t affect the overall look of the website)
  • Fixing errors
  • Content updating
  • Image replacements
  • Basic SEO
  • Video Embedding
  • Adding new pages
  • Updating existing Enquiry / contact forms

Credits Explained

Here is the breakdown of credits used on the assumption they are requested in the form of one Service Request (SR)

  • Updating unlimited text content on a single page: 1 credit
  • Updating unlimited testimonials without a picture on a single page: 1 Credit
  • Updating unlimited testimonials with picture on a single page: 2 Credits
  • Updating unlimited FAQs on a single page: 2 credits
  • Updating unlimited links on a single page: 2 credits
  • Updating unlimited team members on a single page: 2 credits
  • Updating any number of images – 2 images per page: 2 credits
  • Updating unlimited videos on a single page: 4 credits
  • Updating unlimited upcoming events on a single page: 4 credits
  • Adding a new page to the existing look and feel: 8 credits
  • WordPress Software updates we do for you throughout the year as necessary – site complexity dependant: Free (0 credits)
  • Take a weekly backup of your website: Free (0 credits)

All our plans exclude functionality updates that require code changes or changing the layout of the website. A separate quote will be sent to you prior to starting work.


1. Why should we consider having annual maintenance service with GlobalInfo, can’t we update our site ourselves?

Most content management systems are friendly enough for minor updates by you or your staff. But in order to keep your website current with content and software update you may need professional help from time to time. Adhoc charges for such small work could result in hundreds of dollars if not thousands. Having this service with us the first thing is that you have peace of mind. We work as part of your team so it saves your time looking for the right person or company to keep your online face( website) up to date.

2. What happens if my credits are all used before next billing date?

You can purchase another set of credits and your billing date will change accordingly.

3. How long does it take to see the changes requested?

We aim to attend to your request in our earliest possibility. But depending on work involved we can take this anywhere from a few hours to 2 working days.

4. What technologies do you support?

Currently we are supporting websites with Php / mySQL based Content Management Systems. But soon we will also add Sharepoint and Dot Net based websites to our service offerings.

5. Are the pricing mentioned is GST inclusive?

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars. If you are NZ based business, then please add gst to the prices mentioned. If you are not a NZ business then you don’t have to pay gst or any other taxes on top of that.

6. What is the best way we can submit service request?

We are in process of developing an online ticketing system, but until then please email all your change and accounts related requests to

7. How can I know the status of my credits?

Everytime you submit a Service Request, we reply to you with confirmation of work done and also advise you on number of credits used for that particular request. At the same time we will also advise of available credits you have in your account. However, just emailing us anytime at to find your available credits is also a great way.

8. What if we need some major layout changes or add a new functionality?

For something that we can’t cover in this service, we will quote you beforehand and ask for your approval before starting the work.

9. What about photo editing and resizing?

Photo editing is not included in these packages. However if photos to be used need resizing in its current proportion then we can take care of this. If there are requirements of editing photos and where we need a graphic designer we will quote you separately for this.

10. Why do you offer software updates and monthly back-ups for free and don’t charge any credits?

We understand that the main cause of problems website owners face is that they don’t update software on time, and don’t keep backup of the website should something breaks due to non-qualified people trying to work on technical stuff or other server related issues. We want to give our clients peace of mind and therefore offer these two services as complementary. We want you to use your credits on the issues that you see and not bother about the background things while we take care of them.

11. What happens after 12 months of credits purchase?

We bill you one month in advance if you do not want to continue service for some reason you are free not to renew our service. If you are at Intermediate or Advance plan you won’t be able to use any unused credits that otherwise you can use up to another month.

12. Are there any long term benefits if we get into relationship with you?

Sure, After 3 full years of service and upon renewal of 4th year of service, we will offer you a website redesign with the discounts as below:

  • Start-up Plan: 10% discount
  • Intermediate Plan: 15% discount
  • Advance Plan: 20% discount