Harry Clark Translation Experts


Type of Business
It is a NZTA approved translation company based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Campaign Type
Local SEO

At the beginning of the campaign, Harry Clark Translation experts did not have a first page presence for any of the high volume keywords, that would produce substantial traffic or conversions.Their organic traffic ,especially in the google was very low.Even for a single keyword their website was not present even in top 50 SERP’S of google.

To do a keyword research/Analysis for the website and to increase the organic traffic by optimizing the website for those keywords in such a way that it gets on top page of the google. Complete on and offF page optimization with local directory submissions. And branded link building using only white hat techniques and making sure that the website never comes under google spam.And also Implementing a perfect structured data markup for rich snippets.

We began our efforts in March 2017 with comprehensive SEO research and planning, including a technical audit, keyword research, content strategy, blog writing and link research. Soon, the fruits of our labour began to show. Not only did Google Organic traffic, orders, revenue began to increase, but direct traffic was also generating impressive results. After 5 months of work Harry clark Translation Experts saw dramatic improvement in their business as a result of their GlobalInfo SEO campaign.
Specific results include:

  1. Google Organic Site traffic increased by 250%
  2.  80% of keywords return Harry Clark Translation on the 1st page of Google.